French-Israeli author

Aurélie Benattar

The saga of tomorrow

The saga of tomorrow

What if we could change the world…


Aurélie Benattar

Aurélie Benattar was born in Casablanca, Morocco, in 1971. In her childhood and teenage years, she spent most of her time reading, listening to music, dancing, and acting. After a few years in Paris she moved to Cannes, where she earned an undergraduate degree in psychology and a degree in pediatric nursing. Early on, she questioned the connection between body, spirit, and soul. This drove her to take several courses on spirituality and alternative medicine. Her first novel Un corbeau au 36 won the crime Femme Actuelle award and was the ‘hearthrob’ of the chairwoman, Eliette Abecassis (Inaugural Authors 2013, Pocket 2014). Today she writes full time and lives in Israel. Fascinated by fictional worlds, she loves to bridge the gap between the real and the imaginary to let readers explore unbeaten paths and reconsider our way of life.


The year 2035.

7 teenagers chosen by the revolutionary Artificial Intelligence, SPIRIT Era, to prevent a cataclysmic disaster from destroying the world.

7 chakras, physical and spiritual energy forces uniquely incarnated by each of the Seven. 

7 keys to life concealed within 7 Mantras, Virtual Reality microcosms recreating the seven most probable apocalyptic disasters. According to the Program, the end of the world is just two years away. Will the Seven Chosen be able to avert it?  

They are off on a VR adventure and a quest for meaning to reset the compass and change the course of humanity.


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